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​Mission & Values



Mission: The primary purpose of Loyola Recovery Foundation is to take ACTION that will establish recovery opportunities for people suffering from substance use disorders.

Values: Motivated by a special CONCERN for American Veterans suffering from chemical dependency and their families, Loyola Recovery Foundation, Inc. offers a welcoming environment of hope, trust, education, support and healing.

Loyola values the EFFICACY of research-tested principles in detoxification and treatment of substance use disorders. Whenever possible, Loyola will evaluate the results of its service and methods.

Loyola provides a WELCOMING environment. Loyola is responsive to crisis needs; diligent and accommodating regarding financial barriers; attentive to concerns of family members; and comforting to those who face the pain of addiction.

Loyola will build hope by offering INNOVATIVE resources—particularly in the area of Mobile Recovery Support and Relapse Prevention—that integrate medical care and care management. We strive to restore our patients to healthy functioning in all domains of their lives.

Loyola will build TRUST by honoring all stakeholders' right to be self-determining, and by ethically and lawfully maintaining their confidences and privacy.