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Inpatient Medically Supervised Withdrawal Services
As part of their treatment patients receive:

  • Transportation to Loyola and upon discharge.
  • History and Physical evaluation
  • Lab work
  • Comprehensive psycho-social evaluation
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Education on addiction triggers, coping mechanisms, and alternate methods of pain management
  • Nutrition education
  • Assistance with creating their own relapse prevention and recovery plans
  • Assistance with mental health and other medical conditions
  • Assistance with placement in housing and employment

Loyola refers most Veteran patients to a VA facility for follow up care, provided they are eligible for VA services.  Veterans not eligible for VA care and community members are referred to community-based providers for continued treatment after completing the Loyola program.  The average length of stay in the Loyola Inpatient program is five to seven days.


Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services

The Loyola Outpatient Program offers a full spectrum of treatment services for patients who have less severe addiction or who cannot participate in an inpatient program due to work or family obligations. Like the inpatient program patients receive a full range of evaluation, therapy, counseling, and education services on a part time basis.


Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services

 The Loyola Inpatient Program provides a welcoming therapeutic environment for patients who have completed a withdrawal program or would otherwise benefit from inpatient services.  Patients receive a full range of evaluation, therapy, counseling, and education services to support their recovery.


Recovery Support Services/mPOWER (mobile Patient Opportunities for Wellness, Engagement, and Recovery)

In 2011, Loyola was awarded a three year grant by SAMHSA aimed at preventing hospital re-admissions for Veterans at high risk for relapse and hospitalization.  The mPOWER program combined ACHESS mobile recovery support, peer support, access to addiction medication and medication management.  Loyola conducted this program at its Bath, NY facility.  mPOWER patients were referred from the inpatient withdrawal program or by self-referral.  The patients were Veterans presenting a diagnosis of substance dependence resulting in three or more inpatient detoxification episodes within an eighteen month period.  

The mPOWER program included:

  • Medication assisted treatment including medication administration
  • Peer-based recovery support services
  • Support groups conducted by the mPOWER staff which includes nurses and recovery coaches
  • Smart phone based recovery support
  • ACHESS smart phone application providing recovery-oriented materials, weekly self-assessment surveys, and communication tools

Loyola will be re-launching the mPOWER service during the summer of 2016, offering care to both Veterans and community members.  Please check our site for information.