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"I've tried before and failed.  The last time I immediately went into the hospital at Loyola and have been sober ever since.  Loyola staff and the peers at Loyola saved my life.  Through group therapy (which I attend every day) and other ways, I've been shown what I could do -- that I'm somebody who can help myself and others and helping others helps me.  Loyola has given me every opportunity to help myself and others, for which I am highly appreciative."

"The Vivitrol is a life saver.  It has helped me live my life to a fuller extent and stay clean."

"Loyola's program opened doors that saved my life.  For two years I was living in the woods, thinking only about getting my next fix.  Now I go to AA meetings, have an AA sponsor, notice the little things like the blue sky that mean so much, and check in every day with Loyola."

"I don't get involved as much but I do read.  When I reach out, Loyola staff are there to help - they've been great, maybe because some of them are Veterans too which helps tremendously."

"I was ready to give up, I had no hope, and I could not stop drinking.  Loyola Recovery Foundation brought me back to life!  The staff at Loyola never gave up on me even when I had given up on myself.  The mPOWER program has given me the tools and the support network to realize I am not alone in my battle against addiction.  No matter what time of the day I have someone I can turn to in times of trouble.  The staff at Loyola has made me realize that living life one day at a time is not so bad.  They taught me to realize that my recovery from alcoholism must come first and foremost in my life!  I am extremely grateful and appreciative to all the help I have received from Loyola Recovery Foundation in helping me establish a strong foundation in my recovery."